My life. It is a crazy, crazy bitch. I really need to just start updating blog-style, with little bursts of information whenever I have five minutes. The new job is going really well, but it is extremely hard and takes up a ton of my time. I’m not used to working in a cubicle situation where everyone can hear what I’m saying and see what I’m doing. It’s hard to even email, let alone update my website. But I’ve decided that shorter entries are going to be the way to go from now on, so there will actually be more than one entry a month! While I definitely don’t miss my old job, I do long for the freedom I enjoyed there. But, it’s not like I didn’t take full advantage of my lack of supervision!

Let’s see, the last time I wrote here I was getting ready for Bella’s bachelorette. Well, now she’s married! The wedding was this last weekend. It was so much fun, and so beautiful. Leigh came in on Tuesday night, and she stayed with me and Mike for the whole week, with Walshy joining in on Friday night. On Wednesday, there was a happy hour party at Sharkeez for everyone, then Thursday night we all went to the Crescent Hotel for drinks. On Friday, all the Bridesmaids got together for a fun brunch thrown by the groom’s aunts, then we had manicures and pedicures. That night, the boys met up with us for the rehearsal dinner at the California Club, followed by drinks at the Standard. Then it was the wedding the next day! We all looked beautiful, if I do say so myself. Bella, of course, looked freaking phenomenal. All day she was calm and serene, and if it wasn’t for the giant (beautiful) wedding dress, no one would have known that she was hours away from getting married in a huge, lavish ceremony. The speeches were great, especially the one given by Bella’s brother. The most impressive part, however, was when Bella and her hubby were introduced: they walked in, followed by the USC band. The whole night really went off without a hitch, and now they are on their 10-day honeymoon! Only three more weddings to go this year!

Of course, I managed to lose like $200 worth of clothing on the day of Bella’s wedding, so I have spent the last 5 days trying to track it down. In the meantime, Mike is living the simple life at his awesome writing program in Iowa. He doesn’t come back until the first weekend of June, so until then Rigby and I are living the single life. She’s been alone a lot more than she’s used to, although my parents have been cool by coming and playing with her and taking her for walks on the days I have to stay late at work. This weekend I work on Friday night and on Sunday, so I’ll be busy again, as usual. Luckily I have Saturday off, so I plan on laying by the pool all day to work on my tan!