Mike watched the E! News presentation of the Michael Jackson Trial earlier today…oh my shoe. In case you don’t know, E! is reenacting parts of the trial based on the transcripts, since cameras aren’t allowed in the courtroom. It was painful to watch. E! has hired actors to portray all the lawyers, witnesses, the judge, and most importantly, MJ himself. So weird. All I need to totally go crazy is for that insane Burger King commercial with Darius Rucker (a.k.a. Hootie) to come on during the commercials. That song is insane! I was with Brianne this weekend and every time that ad came on we would whimper for the other to make it stop. The next time that jingle comes on, listen to the words – Burger King is clearly appealing to the stoner set.

I took Rigby to get groomed yesterday. Her fur is very long and she HATES it when I try to brush her. She gets matted very easily around her tail and hind legs, so I figured I would have her hair cut shorter and get her washed in the process. I called around to a few places, but in the end Mike and I decided to go to Pet Co. When I picked her up, she looked all fluffy and clean…and her hair was still long, except all around her face. They totally butchered her! Upon further inspection, they didn’t get the mats out of her fur, they didn’t cut her fur shorter, and they didn’t trim the fur on her paws – the three things I SPECIFICALLY asked them to do. It only cost $20 at Pet Co, and it is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. I feel so bad – they even cut off her little puppy whiskers! Oh, but don’t worry, they totally shaved the area around her butt, so when she is running away from you the business area of her rear is very…prominent. I am never taking her there again. Lucky for her she’s still pretty damn cute. She is so soft to the touch. I think she grows feathers instead of fur. That little bow they put in her hair, while cute, lasted about 2 hours. She HATED it, and Mike said that the bow crossed the line for him. Hee.

This last weekend I started a crazy streak where I will be busy every single weekend until…oh, I think about July. No joke. This past weekend I was with Brianne in Camarillo. Her mom is making my bridesmaid dress so I needed to be there to get fitted. I brought Rigby and she played with her mom’s dogs. We had a really fun day, it’s so fun to be able to just hang out and do girly things. Mike and I went to an Oscar party on Sunday night. Kyle and I tied in the Oscar pool – we each got 17 right. The Oscars were pretty damn boring. Everyone who was supposed to win won. Hence my first place finish! It was nice to come home $30 bucks richer. This weekend Mike and I are going up north to see his nephew and celebrate his brother in law’s birthday. Hopefully I’ll be able to see Jackie, too. Then, the weekend after that I’m going to visit my friends in New York! I’m really excited to see everyone. I miss them and I miss the City. Following that, I have about eight hundred thousand wedding-related activities. Busy, busy.