I am dressed for the first time in almost 48 hours. Dressed in clothes other than my pajamas, I mean. So now I’m all dressed up with no place to go. Okay, mostly dressed. I have on my cords (delightfully stretchy), Christmas socks, USC beanie, and USC scarf. I don’t exactly have a shirt on yet, mostly because I seem to not have any USC shirts. I have a couple of sweatshirts, but it’s too hot in my apartment to put one on now. Not that it isn’t too hot to wear a scarf or beanie, but my lack of a shirt seems to help regulate my temperature. Hmm, I need to go to Victoria’s Secret. I hate how hot my apartment gets! Stupid radiator.

So, I haven’t gone anywhere in the last two days, since I got back from Thanksgiving dinner. Which was lovely. On Thursday morning while watching the Macy’s Parade (which I will talk about when I’m back at work and can upload my pics), I noticed I had a red lump under my right arm. Then I noticed I had another one on my left arm below the wrist. Bug bites! Ugh. I put them out of my mind, and I didn’t notice them gain until dinner. In my wine haze, I held out my arm and said, “does my arm look messed up to you?” Not exactly the best thing to say before dinner. When I was getting ready for bed, I realized that I had two more bites on my back. Yuck! At approximately 3:18 am Friday morning, I woke up with SERIOUS aching in my left arm and right ribs. I put on my glasses, went to the bathroom, and was shocked to see that my left arm looked like it was about to give birth to another arm, and my armpit appeared to be growing another boob. Every time I mention that I have some weird gross thing wrong with me, Christi always says, “put up a picture!”  They aren’t that great, since I had to take them myself and they aren’t in the most ideal locations on my bod. So, behold my swollen arm, and my new boob.

Lucky for me my other two bites were not as swollen. I don’t know how I would have coped with that. I slept pretty fitfully for the rest of the night because I couldn’t get comfortable. I spent the day yesterday putting ice on my new appendages and trying to not move my arm. I was shocked by how much my arm hurt. And not on the bite, but in the joints. It still hurts today, actually. It’s a bit uncomfortable to type, but I just GIVE and GIVE. At least the swelling is down today, with the new boob it was hard to put my arm down all the way. I’m just sort of squicked out by where/when I could have possibly been bit. It couldn’t have been when I was at work or walking down the street – I wear too many layers for that to have happened. So it had to happen in my apartment. My apartment has been bug-free for the entire year. No roaches or anything, not even a spider. So you can imagine my dismay at the idea that there is/was something roaming free in my cozy den. I prefer to think something flew in my open window (that’s how I manage the radiator), had it’s way with my blood, and then flew out. NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN. Ugh. I hate bugs. I am not the bug killer. That role was always filled by Jackie, or Mike. I always dealt with the snakes that came into the house. Or I would have, if snakes ever made it into the house.