It has been so great to have Mike here. Besides the obvious reason, he is just so cute! Yesterday night I realized that he’d done the dishes from my breakfast. Today we were talking over IM and I asked him what he was up to. He said he’d just gone to the store to buy me a new light bulb to replace a light that I can’t reach. AND he changed it! Too sweet of him to do those things for me.

We had a fun Cinco de Mayo. Mike and I each had CRAZY hectic days, so we were ready to kick back and reveal in some Mexican Awesomeness. It quickly became clear that there isn’t much in the way of Mexican Awesomeness in New York City, and the places that were Mexicanly Awesome were packed to the brim. After walking up 2nd Ave for a while, Mike, our posse, and I finally settled on a place that, while crowded, had some breathing room. We found it just in time, because about five minutes after we got inside it started pouring rain. Mike was bummed because the Giants/Mets game he was watching had to take a rain delay because of it. Meanwhile, the ladies of our posse and I were stalking the people who were lucky enough to have tables. We realized that one table clearly had people waiting for it, so we pounced on the other one, even going so far as to recruit the waitress to our side. As we were waiting, a group of girls tried to recruit the bus boy to help them snake our table. Oh HELL no, bitches. First of all, waitress covers bus boy, and second of all, you don’t want to mess with a group that includes three Cali Kids trying to get their Cinco de Mayo on. When the table became available, we swooped in like we owned the place. The girls gave us dirty looks, but we just laughed at them. Suckas! The rest of the night involved many margaritas, nachos, and a bit of karaoke. Fiesta!

Last night, Mike and I made the long journey on the R & 7 trains out to Shea Stadium to see the Giants play the Mets. Neither of us had been to Shea, and it was a cool stadium – literally. I was freezing from the second I sat down. The game was a pitchers dual, aka very slow. The Giants’ pitcher, Jason Schmidt, was pitching a no-hitter into the 7th, as Mike kept reminding me. It’s his fault the Mets got a hit. There was a group of businessmen sitting in front of us, and they were entertaining two men from Japan. I had to take a picture of the guy in front of me because he clearly didn’t understand how to work his hat. It took about 6 innings before one of the other guys showed him that it was adjustable. We ended up leaving in the top of the 9th inning, with the score tied at 1 each. I wanted to beat the crowd on the subway, and we both wanted to watch the Friends finale that I was Tivoing…except for some reason, my Tivo decided that it didn’t care what happened to Ross & Rachel, and made the executive decision to not only ignore my orders to record Friends, but also chose to not record er or the penultimate episode of Survivor. When I discovered this, I became…agitated. It’s not a pretty situation when my TV shows are not recorded. Stupid technology! I have to buy the Friends Finale now when it comes out on Tuesday. At least it’s cheap.