It was such a gorgeous weekend in the city. I emerged on Saturday morning with only a slight hangover, and was stunned by how warm it was. I had on a light jacket, but we are talking weather so nice that I easily could have walked around with just my t-shirt on. Sunday was just as nice, or so I’ve been told…I may not have left my apartment. It was one of those days where I knew if I did, I’d spend money! So there. Today, however, it is in the low 40’s and it’s supposed to rain for the rest of the week. NO! Damn it. All I wore today was a jean jacket. I’m gonna freeze on my walk home. Maybe I’ll take the bus…my feet hurt today. Damn you, new Converse sneakers! Why don’t you come broken in?

I called Best Buy and HP about 85 more times this weekend, and the only thing both companies could agree on was that I needed to buy a recovery disk for my dearly departed computer. Yes, BUY one. Both companies agreed that the recovery files were originally installed on my computer, which is why I don’t have a recovery disk – it was deemed unnecessary. Apparently some brainiac though that the recovery files would never get corrupted. Hmm…I wish that brainiac would hand me $96.89 to replace what I just spent buying the disks! Ass. I am so pissed about it. If these files don’t work, I will THROW. A. FIT. They don’t want to mess with me, my friends. I am the same person who today told her CFO that something he did was Bull Shit. Cue the Twisted Sister! “We’re not gonna take it!!!” Don’t eff with my computer.

I love this little bit I read about the Tom/Penelope break up: “Cruise’s sister and publicist, Lee Anne DeVette, also confirmed “they did break up,” but said the two stars are “very good friends” who talk frequently. “They’re just not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.” What? I didn’t know adults spoke like that. “They’re just not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.” I think that I used phrases like that until the age of 16. Isn’t there a better way to put it? Such as “They’re just not DATING anymore” or “They are no longer a couple” or ANYTHING else? Saying that two people are not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore doesn’t seem grammatically correct. Am I right? Also, they are SO not friends. I’m just sayin’