I have suffered a death! Yes friends, my sweet computer has died. It is a premature death, being that it is only 21 months old and only recently completely paid for. The computer technicians tell me that its start up files are corrupted. A computer heart attack! The technician doctors from Best Buy Hospital worked on him for a long time, but they could not save him. I held out hope that maybe its memories could be saved, but it was brain dead. The only solace I have is that its internal organs are usable for future operating systems. Oh, computer! I wish I’d taken more pictures with you. Although, the pictures I do have are stored in your sweet, dead memory. Computer! Remember that time we hacked into that web site? Remember that time we looked up people walking in the park? Remember when we, uh, deleted internet porn? When we would play iTunes and dance all night? *SOB!* I will miss you, and your memories…such sweet memories. You were too young to go. TOO YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!

R.I.P. My Computer

In other news, I’m back in New York! I meant to update when I was in California and Arizona, but I didn’t. Okay? You gonna hold that against me? I was BUSY, people! And my computer died! And. I didn’t feel like it. I had a blast. I saw all my friends, my family, Mike and his family, and my old co-workers. Good times, peeps! Mike’s family and I had a blast in Arizona. It was SO WARM there it made me feel bad for my friends back in NYC where it was snowing. We went to tons of games and ate WAY too much red meat. I seriously think I ate my year’s allotment of meat in one week. I’m in meat detox now. And a diet. Mike and I have decided that we are “vacation” people, while his sister and her husband are “trip” people. Do you know the difference between trip and vacation? A vacation is where you relax, while a trip is where you do crap all day long. On a typical day, Mike and I would get up, have a mimosa, watch some “Starting Over,” go to a spring training game, drink beer, go to dinner, drink more, then pass out. Note how the majority of our activities are done sitting on our asses. Mike’s sis and her husband were all about the activities. They wanted to hike! Explore the area! Go to the zoo (they are in their 30’s with no kids)! LEARN! For goodness sake, who goes on a vacation to learn? We deemed them Trip Nerds. Here is a good example of Mike’s and my laid back attitude. We started…okay, I started, making Mike pose for pictures with every mascot we came across. Like this picture here with one of the Milwaukee Sausages. I had him pose for a couple others, but then I just could be bothered with it. Too much standing.

I was walking down Broadway today, and I realized that aside from some jostling, I have not been accosted here. I say this because on Monday, walking down Highland in LA with my brother, this random dude walking down the EMPTY sidewalk towards us aimed his trajectory for me, and as he passed, he swung his blue plastic bag right at my ass! And he connected! I screamed, “DO YOU MIND?” at him, but Kyle was cool as a cucumber. Maybe that’s because the blue bag of mystery didn’t touch HIM. Whatever. Freak!

And a…um…I don’t know. Have I mentioned yet that I am super-tired and on strike from work today? I got here and even though I was in a good mood, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get anything done. Unless you count creating a righteous new rubber band ball! It’s pretty awesome.

That is 100% rubber band, my peeps. Note the perspective next to the AA size battery. It bounces and everything. Not the battery, the rubber band ball. All in a day’s work.