Here I am, writing my last entry before I move to New York. It’s so hard to believe that in 48 hours I’ll be in New York not as a visitor, but permanently. I’ve been crazy with the last-minute preparation, but tomorrow I have to kick it into high gear: packing. I have spent the last two weeks packing, but this is the actual put-stuff-in-the-suitcase packing, as opposed to the pack and ship stuff I’ve been doing. So, tomorrow I decide what is going to go in my suitcase, what my parents are going to bring, what Mike is going to bring in two weeks, and what will have to go back with me after Christmas. I don’t even want to think about it until I have to. It’s mind numbing.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We all went to my aunt and uncle’s house in Malibu, and there were relatives there from as far away as Seattle. After a few rounds of bloody marys, champagne, and wine, we decided to play team Scrabble. It’s no surprise that the two sober ones (Ky and Erica) took home the crown. Although, after I unsisted Erica drink some wine, I think it helped. Dinner was yummy, too! It was nice to hang out with my family for the day. Except my aunt has a cat, so after being around it all day, I thought my lungs would never re-open. Stupid cat fur. I hate it.

This morning Christi and The Ned came over to say goodbye on their way back to Hermosa Beach. That was so nice of them to stop by, it made me feel really good. After that, my mom and Leah and I ran some errands. I need so much stuff, it’s ridiculous. I bought some sheets and shower rings and a pair of closed toed shoes. Later on tonight I’m meeting up with Mike and his family for sushi. I have been craving sushi, so yay! Tomorrow I’m having dinner with Tara and George and Diane and Brad. I’m making the rounds. It will be a while until I have another home cooked meal!

Today is also the last day I can drive my car, as my car insurance ends at midnight tonight. I am so sad. I love the freedom of driving, and I love my car. I’m really hoping that my parents can sell my car while I’m gone in December – it will be too hard for me to watch someone else drive it away. Oh, the pain! Anyway, I’d better get going, gotta meet up with Mike. I am hoping to update here on Monday, but most likely there won’t be another update until Tuesday when I have my computer at work (it’s being shipped in from Burbank). Adios, kids!