I have a really good reason for not updating yesterday. I was reading. Every spare second I’ve had the past two days has been dedicated to reading Harry Potter. I read it when I’m drying my hair in the morning, I read it at lunch, and I read it when I have a lull in my work. YES, I am reading it at work. It’s not stopping me from doing my work! When something comes up, I stop reading to complete the task. It’s great, I’m half-way through the 870 pages. Damn addictive book! Thus-far, I highly recommend it. I’ve had fun the last two nights. On Tuesday night, Bella and I went to get Mexican food and Sangria. We drank an entire pitcher of Sangria between the two of us. We were feeling no pain by the end of the night! Then, last night a group of us went out on the Pier. Mike’s cousin is in town from Australia, so we showed him how crazy Americans party by the beach. I was feeling a little craptastic this morning, but I’m better now. Just tired! And my feet hurt…I haven’t been able to sort out why. Tonight, Mike is taking me to dinner to celebrate my birthday since he’s going to a bachelor party tomorrow. I don’t know where we’re going, but my friends know and they say that it’s a great place! I love surprises. I’m so excited! I bought a beeeyootiful new dress to wear, so I’m going to be sassy and sexy. My friend Lisa, aka The Sexy, knows that these go hand in hand. Anyway, I have to leave work right at 5 to get to the restaurant on time. Have I mentioned that I’m excited?! I just love, love, love my birthday. And all birthdays in general, actually! I love celebrating things. I’m planning on getting donuts tomorrow for my office as a sort of “happy birthday to me” thing, but this means that my boss will find out it’s my birthday, and I’m quite certain he’s forgotten. I feel bad, I know he’s going to feel awful that he didn’t know…but, on the other hand, it’s on the staff roster! I remind him of everyone’s birthdays, though. But you know what? I think every boss should know when their employee’s birthdays are. For gosh sakes, must I do everything around here?