Two postings in a row at 5:15. Ker-azy. Anywho. This picture. I am having a good hair day, and I don’t use my camera enough. Put these two facts together, and you get this picture. Oh, and that I can’t just take a NORMAL picture of myself, I have to be making a face or something so I don’t seem too vain. And, in the end, it’s kind of blurry, which is what happens when you take a picture of yourself. It’s good hair, bad attitude. Right now I’m listening to a guy who works for a different label than I lecture his assistant about paying his dues and yadda yadda. “When I was trying to get a job in this industry, I flew myself out to L.A. FOUR times on my OWN dime because I wanted to work here so much.” Hmmm…maybe he should have just moved here? He probably would have spent about the same amount. Now he’s saying that, “you have to stick with those jobs with shitty pay to show that you’re loyal.” Now, that’s true in some cases, but my friend (let’s call him St. Paddy) assists TWO radio promo guys…and he only gets $22,000. That’s BEFORE taxes, people. Believe me when I say that he deserves double that much not only for assisting two people, but for assisting these two particular people. Plus, it’s a lot of work. And it costs a lot to live here in La La Land. It makes me feel bad that he’s working his ass off for pennies while I am taking self portraits of my tongue for a significant amount more. But, you know what? I actually don’t feel bad. I worked in this office for three years with no pay, so hey, according to St. Paddy’s boss, I paid my dues. I’m never going to lecture an assistant, though, unless it’s about not taking enough time off, or for coming in hung over when they could have just called and told me they were wasted the night before. I’m gonna be a cool boss. Assuming the person deserves it, of course. But I figure, hey, we’ve all been there, why make up lies? I’ve always had cool bosses, I’d like to return the favor someday. Especially since it will be to someone who is getting SHITTY pay. Unless they work for my company, who pays all of it’s employees very, very well. I’m not being sarcastic, either. I get paid like I live in NYC, since that’s where the whole company is based. It’s a trade-off for being lonely in the office. And, we got a bonus this year! I just got it the other day, I can’t tell you how excited I was. Okay, I can. I was shocked – I didn’t know we could get bonuses! We were one of the few labels under the Big Uni Umbrella that posted a profit, so the big wigs at the top showed us some love. But damn those taxes! Almost half of my bonus got eaten up by them. My dad says that I’ll get it back with my tax return next year, but I want it now, damn it! Not like I spent my bonus, I was shockingly responsible and put it into savings. I amaze myself sometimes.