02.28.2003 – – – 3:23 PM
Yay! It’s Friday! This week has been so long. Just like this day. It has totally dragged. Bella and I carpooled today to work. We were so excited to be able to take the carpool lane on the 110 North. And, as we descended on the 110 from the lofty 105 East transition, we discovered…that there was NO FREAKING TRAFFIC on the 110. What the hell? It figures that the day we try to avoid traffic, it avoids us. I think we probably saved about, oh, five minutes in the carpool lane. Damn you, Traffic Gods! DAMN YOU! In other news, Bella and I are going to get drinks after work in Downtown LA! Wee! I’m wearing these super-cool Pumas today that I got on Melrose for like $15 a year ago…and even though I’ve worn them a million times, they still hurt my feet. I don’t get it, they’re sporty shoes. Why won’t they break in? My heels are always screaming every time I wear them. Bitches. The other day, I went to buy some replacement face powder at the MAC counter in Nordstrom. When I told the woman what color I needed, she said, “Oh no, your face is too RED for that color. You need something that will take the RED out of your face because your face already has a lot of RED. See this color? It will take the RED out.” I was like, woah, lady, I just want to buy the color that I’ve been using for the last 4 years. MAC Woman says, “well, whoever told you to get that color was WRONG because your face is too RED for that. All that color will do is make you look more RED. See, right now, your face is SO RED.” I was like, lady, I am not wearing any makeup, but now I’m all paranoid. See, I know I have red undertones, but I didn’t think it was something awful that I should be covering up. And what the hell do I know about makeup? And what do the eight different people who have done my makeup in the past know? So I bought the color she suggested. I don’t know how I feel about how it makes me look…I’m leaning on the side of not-at-all-different. Maybe I’ll return it. Or, maybe I’ll just keep it because I’m too lazy to go back to Nordstrom’s. Damn the system, winning again. My laziness always plots with you. Have I mentioned that I’m glad it’s Friday? I’m looking forward to a Saturday free of obligation. Besides getting my oil changed in my car. I got my 15,000 mile inspection, but forgot to tell them SPECIFICALLY that I needed my oil changed. Jeez. Sometimes I just assume people know these things. I can’t believe February is already over. Crazy! This year has flown by so far – it’s already 1/6 over! I can’t figure out what that is in percentages…I’m so bad at math. I’m sure after I post it I’ll realize what an easy problem it is, but you know what? It’s Friday, and I’m not in school anymore, and I don’t get paid to do math. Except for those times that I do.