So, remember in my last entry when I said I had a chest cold? If you don’t, scroll down a little bit. Anyway, when I said that I didn’t feel that bad, my cold got mad and swore revenge. It kicked my ass pretty hard – I left work early on Thursday and didn’t come in at all on Friday. Rest and liquids were high on my to-do list for the weekend. Now, finally, I think I have finally beaten the cold. I still have a cough, but that will probably be gone by the weekend…I hope! Even with my cold, I got in some quality Karaoke time at Queen Mary last Wednesday. Although, as the boyfriend Mike so rightly pointed out, many people there hate us now. We come in a big, obnoxious group that’s loud, and we dance and scream for each other and no one else. But, the MC, Boots, loves us. I think s/he would be sad if we never came back. I think we will, eventually. But we have to mix it up a little. The people there just don’t appreciate a good rendition of “Sk8r Boi.”