James Asher is our third child and only son.

James was born May 30, 2013, on a gorgeous Los Angeles Thursday. His pregnancy was as “fun” as his sisters’ pregnancies before his, but despite all the difficulties he was born at 38 weeks (a Spohr record) at a whopping six pounds, fifteen ounces and 20 1/4 inches long (more Spohr records!). His in utero nickname was The Acrobat because he was constantly on the move.

James has an easygoing personality, but he’s pretty bonkers. He’s a climber and a jumper, and he runs everywhere he goes (it’s hard to find a picture of him that isn’t blurry). He adores balls, cars, food, his sister, Bruno Mars, and just about anything that lights up. He’s incredibly determined, and when he wants something – be it a juice box or climbing to the top of the refrigerator – he won’t stop until he gets it. He gives us lots of gray hair, but makes up for it by being a first-class cuddler.

He’s the perfect final piece of our family.

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Yes, that is James on the box of Honest Co diapers.

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