Surfing Sunday 1.17

For those of you who’ve been reading me for a long time, I’m about to blow your minds – on Friday, Annie will turn ELEVEN. I can’t believe it, either! My sweet little baby girl is speeding through life far too fast for my liking. Although, as much as I’d like things to slow down a bit, I’ve loved watching her become her own cool, unique person. She’s a fiercely loyal friend, fantastically creative, and so funny and clever. The last year obviously hasn’t been the greatest for anyone, but she’s managed it with far less complaining than Mike or me. This next year of her life will be a big one – she’ll be finishing up elementary school and starting middle school. It’s crazy to think about her being halfway done with school…and even crazier to know that she’ll be a teenager in just a blink.

Around The ‘Net

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Fun Finds

~Since she’s turning 11, Annie has high hopes she’ll be receiving a letter from Hogwarts…I have it on good authority that there’s an owl coming her way with a tasty care package.
~This powder sunscreen is my favorite thing to use to keep all the scalps in our house from getting sunburned. I HIGHLY recommend it!
~If you prefer the masks that are more contoured (as opposed to the pleated ones), I love these. I have them in several colors, and they are comfortable and gentle on the ears.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there.

Surfing Sunday 1.03

Happy freaking new year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We are wrapping up two weeks off for all of us, and tomorrow we’re back to school and work. Well, “back to,” meaning logging onto our computers at the assigned times, possibly changing our pajamas before we do so, etc. We had…

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Surfing Sunday 12.13

We celebrated Mike’s birthday last week! Like everything else in 2020, we didn’t celebrate like we normally do, but we still made the best of it! We got takeout from a couple of his favorite restaurants, and of course, we also had an ice cream cake. Here’s hoping his next trip around the sun is…

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