DIY Wired Scarves

I think it’s pretty obvious that the majority of the crafty things I try are because I am too cheap to buy something if I think I can make it myself. I mean, that’s how I ended up making thirty superhero capes for Annie’s party (they ended up costing me only $1.50/each, let’s not talk…

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DIY Turban Headband

I was given a twisted fabric turban headband as a gift for my birthday and I absolutely love it. It’s extremely comfortable and very cute. It’s versatile enough that I can wear it for a fancy night out or on a dirty hair day. I love it so much that I wanted to get a…

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DIY Faux Fur Cowl

EDITED to add video at the bottom! A few weeks ago I was shopping for birthday gifts in Anthropologie when I came across a gorgeous faux-fur cowl. It was sooo soft and warm, and even though it was a bazillion degrees outside, I wanted it. I wanted it bad. Then I looked at the price…

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