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When I’m planning Annie’s birthday parties (and, soon enough, birthday parties for The Acrobat!), I always stick with a theme. It makes things a lot easier for me because a theme usually has easy decorating, games, and food ideas. I also go with a theme that will appeal to both genders since Annie has friends who are both boys and girls. I figure she’s got plenty of girls-only parties ahead of her where we can go crazy with the pink princess stuff!

We went with the circus theme for her birthday six weeks ago, but if I’d seen this video when I was in the planning stages, I would have been super-tempted to switch to pirates. There are some really, really adorable ideas here:

We introduced Annie to Peter Pan over Christmas, and she adores it. She can practically recite the pages of the story by heart. Mike showed her an episode of Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Annie predictably went crazy for it. I like all the numbers and counting stuff in the show, she loves the “pixxxxxiiiiiiie duuuuuuust!!!”

I asked Mike if I could throw Annie a pirate party, just for fun. He looked at me like I’d grown another head.

I’m taking that as a “maybe.”

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