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Annie received this BabbaBox back in November, but when I opened it I knew we wouldn’t be able to use it right away. The theme was baking. Baking is something I normally like to do (thanks to Mike’s cooking challenge), but since I was barfing twenty times a day in November, just the thought of being near the kitchen was a bad one. So I put the box aside, hoping there would be a day in the not-too-distant future when I would be up to doing the activities.

That day finally arrived, although by the time we’d made the first craft and read the book, I was not up to actually, you know, baking. But that’s okay, Annie had enough fun as it was, and we’ll have some simple and fun recipes to follow one of these days.

The first cute activity was decorating a child’s apron. I thought it would be fun to decorate the apron with Annie’s hand prints.

tracing Annie's hand

After we traced Annie’s hand she said, “Now we have to put Daddy’s hand on there!”

tracing daddy's hand

And predictably, my hand had to be next.

tracing mommy's hand

I thought we were all done, but nope. “Mama, you have to put Rigby’s paw on there!”

tracing Rigby's paw
Rigby doesn’t love this activity.

Annie was excited to pose holding the cute kid-sized kitchen utensils that had come in the BabbaBox.

Annie models her apron
She told me everything to write on the apron, including labeling Mike’s hand print “Big Daddy.”

At this point, I thought that maybe we’d bake applesauce brownies, but my stomach was rumbling so I suggested reading a book.

chocolate coverd flies! yuck

The book was cute and Annie loved it, but it was about frogs baking a cake…with flies in it. Fine and appropriate buy my queasy stomach was like, “Um, this is not amusing!”

Annie was amused, though.

I am looking forward to trying the included recipes sometime soon….hopefully before the baby comes!

recipes to try

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