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I first became a mom on the day Maddie was born, but it wasn’t until she was released from the NICU and came home that I discovered what most moms-to-be intellectually understand, but don’t really understand: MOMS HAVE NO TIME FOR THEMSELVES!

me and my girls
Me with Maddie, Rigby, and no time for myself. 

I am now in my fifth year of being a Mom, but I still find time-to-myself to be as rare as a box of Girl Scout cookies in October. (Mmmmm…. Samoas.)

Loving on the sweetie who demands ALL of my time.

If some magic genie gave me the gift of three extra minutes each day, I know just how I’d use them. Here are the top ten ways:

1. N’Sync Baby!
I can’t tell you how much I long for a little “me time” so I can draw the shades, blast “Bye Bye Bye”, and shake it ’til I break it like I did in my college days. Shut up, it’s a guilty pleasure!

2. Get Smart
I’d Google “lay” and “lie” and get grammar good.

3. Eat
…in peace without a toddler up in my grill saying, “Annie eat? Yes?”

4. Write A Note For Mike To Find
“Dearest Mike, I love you and cherish our amazing connection… also pick up your stinky clothes and put them in the hamper!”

5. Draw Something
It is my turn on at least fifty games. Three minutes would allow me to draw at least one airplane, cow, or other similarly random thing.

6. Watch TV
I would savor a segment of my beloved Today Show, which is rarely on anymore thanks to someone’s morning cartoon habit.

7. Dig Into My Reader
Some day I hope to have less than a thousand blog posts waiting to be read. Three minutes of speed reading per day would give me a start!

8. Grooming the Hubby
I would never say Mike is getting old, but I might say his eyebrows are. Sooner or later we need to groom the suckers before they end up needing their own zip code.

9. DVR Gardening
Our DVR perpetually reads “98% Full.” I would love to delete the dozen ancient episodes of “Friends” or that random Giants baseball game from last summer and give us some breathing room.

10. Use The Restroom
I, of course, do this every day, but rarely without Annie either leaning on my knee or knocking on the door whining, “Mama? You in there? Mama?”

What would you do if you had three extra minutes? Let me know, and find out what others would do on the Clorox Facebook page.