This post is sponsored by Cottonelle. Thanks, Cottonelle!

A few months ago I was invited to go behind the scenes at a hidden-camera commercial shoot for Cottonelle. I was really excited because when I was growing up my brother and I loved to watch the TV show Dick Clark’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes, so I had high expectations – and I was not disappointed.

I, along with Jessica, Ciaran, and Jaime, were able to watch innocent people get pranked from the safety of the crew tent behind a restaurant. However, it was a prank with a purpose: to show people that you need both wet and dry to get something truly clean…more specifically, you need wet and dry after you use the bathroom to get truly clean down there. Honestly, when it was first explained to me I cringed a little, but it was handled perfectly – and hilariously.

In the video of us behind the scenes, you can see us all cringing and laughing (including a lovely shot of me with my hand over my mouth).

I thought Cottonelle did a great job of giving everyone a good visual without, you know, THE visual. But in case the restaurant scene didn’t drive it home, Cottonelle also pranked people at a car wash and a hair salon. It totally made an impression on me – I started buying the wipes after this shoot, and now we all use them in our house.

I love the actors. They never broke character once, and there were lots of opportunities to. Also, the whole crew was just so exceedingly awesome. I was thirteen weeks pregnant when this was filmed and my hyperemesis was on overdrive. Everyone was so kind to me and I appreciated it so much! Plus, I’ll tell ya, those wipes aren’t just good for getting you clean, they are very refreshing on your face after getting sick. Added bonus!

Cottonelle is giving away four $10,000 bathroom makeovers! Just head over to between now and June 30th to test your cleaning logic and enter to win.