This post is sponsored by Tempur-Pedic: because we think you deserve to get your best night’s sleep every night.

I was asked by my ad network if I would track my sleep habits for a week and write about them. I thought, “what a yawn!” (get it?) but I agreed because I thought it might finally provide proof to my husband that I sleep like poop, and then he’ll have to fawn all over me and bring me bon bons.

I was sent a Fitbit, a little device that is basically a magical pedometer. It’s the size of a thumb drive:

It can clip onto your clothing and it measures your activity – everything from how many steps you took, how many miles you walked in a day, and the coolest thing – your sleep habits.

At night, I put on a bracelet (sort of like a sweat band) and slipped the fit bit onto it. After pressing a button to tell the Fitbit I was sleeping, off to dream land I went. Or so I thought:

Yes, that is telling you that it not only took me almost an hour to fall asleep, but I was then woken up THIRTY TIMES. That would be normal if I had a newborn, but I DON’T. My sleeping was worse than I thought (and this was before we moved!).

I showed Mike the graph and he was like, “Oh.” His sympathy, it OVERWHELMS.

The next day I started the packing process. And I slept…better?

I didn’t wake up as much, but it still took me forever to fall asleep.

As I went on through the week, it was more of the same – get in bed, lay there for almost an hour, and then wake up a jillion times through the night. Until this glorious day:

Immediately I was like, “whatever I did yesterday I am going to do again, exactly!” And then I had another crappy night.

After wracking my brain, I realized the difference between the two nights was….drum roll….a glass of wine. Not exactly something I want OR need to repeat every night.

I need some new ideas to help me sleep better.