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10 kitchen hacks that actually work Pin It!

I love searching pinterest for “life hacks” that greatly simplify how to do everyday tasks. I’m especially into kitchen hacks, and even though I pin a lot of them, I’m often not entirely convinced that they all work. I realized that the best way to find out if they work is to, you know, try them! Because I’m a giver, I tried a bunch and narrowed it down to ten that actually work.

1. A mason jar can replace a blender jar.
Annabel wanted a smoothie last week, so it was the perfect time to see if this really works…and it does! Just make sure you have a standard-mouth mason jar (not a wide-mouth) and screw it on tightly to the blade attachment. Definitely trust me on that last part. It can be messy.

2. Use your oven to quickly ripen bananas.

ripe bananas in the oven

This sounded crazy to me, but I figured it was worth a try. I placed a banana on a lined baking sheet (I dunno, I thought maybe it would explode or something) and stuck it into a 350° oven for five minutes. And…it actually wasn’t bad! I probably took the banana out too soon (I was freaked out by the black skin), but I think if I’d had the oven slightly cooler and left the banana in a bit longer, it would have been perfect. I’ll keep tinkering with this one.

3. Throw a couple large marshmallows in your brown sugar package to keep it from clumping.
My grandma always did this, so I can say with confidence that it definitely works!

4. An apple slicer can cut potatoes, pears, and other similar foods.

potato in an apple peeler

I don’t know why this never occurred to me, but it’s a quick way to cut fruits and veggies. I needed a little extra elbow grease to slice this potato, but it was still much faster than how I usually cut up potatoes!

5. Quickly and easily grate cheese in a food processor

grate cheese in a food processor

My mom has been doing this for years and swears by it. It’s definitely a million times easier to throw the cheese in the food processor than to grate it by hand, although it doesn’t make those long strands of grated cheese.

6. Use an empty coffee canister and layer filters with pre-measured grounds in them, grab the top filter to quickly brew a pot of coffee.

layer coffee grounds

Do all the hard stuff in advance so you don’t have to do any work before you’ve had caffeine. Genius.

7. Cover cut potatoes with cold water before you cook them to keep them from turning gray.

potatoes under water

This is another one my grandma did when I was growing up. I never thought about why she did it, but I definitely understand now. Grey potatoes are gross.

8. Putting a slice of bread in your mouth can keep your eyes from watering when you chop onions.

keep your eyes from watering

I have the most sensitive eyes around, so I was very willing to try this hack…and it worked like a charm! At one point I thought, “Maybe I just have a mellow onion,” and I took the bread out of my mouth. My eyes and nose instantly started watering, so it looks like I’ll always have bread around when I need to chop onions.

9. Place a cup of water in the microwave when reheating leftovers to keep them from drying out.
YES! I always forget about this trick and it makes a huge difference when I’m reheating leftovers.

10. Keep baking soda close to your stove top to put out accidental grease fires.
This is…definitely true. Also keep a fire extinguisher handy!

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What’s your favorite kitchen hack?