This post is sponsored by Intellibed. Thanks, Intellibed!

Even though I’ve been somewhat in denial that I’m having a baby very soon, I have been doing things to prepare. A few months ago I realized that I should probably look into getting a new crib mattress for the baby. Both of my daughters slept on the mattress we currently have, and I figured that six years of two girls sleeping, jumping, and flopping around had taken its toll. I started doing research into crib mattresses, and I stumbled across a ton of information that was, frankly, terribly alarming.

I had no idea that most mattresses (for all ages) contain toxic chemicals. Mattresses that contain foam (and most do) can potentially release harmful toxic gasses. Yikes. I fell down a rabbit hole as I kept searching for more information about non-toxic mattresses, and I read a study out of New Zealand that showed a correlation between toxic mattresses and crib death – basically, that there were no reported deaths on wrapped or non-toxic mattresses.

I am definitely not even close to being an expert on any of this – I work hard to walk the line between being informed and being, you know, totally paranoid – but I thought all this was compelling and definitely worth learning more about. That’s when I came across Intellibed. I had a lot of questions about their non-toxic beds (and Mike started to think I had possibly gone off the deep-end because I kept shouting out random facts I was finding), so I spoke with an Intellibed rep who was incredibly knowledgeable and gave me some good info in layman’s terms.

Their beds (they make them for all ages, not just babies) are completely non-toxic, from the gel inside to the fire barrier to the organic cotton cover. I was especially intrigued when I found out that the intelli-gel used to make the mattresses is so non-toxic that it’s even used in baby bottle nipples and children’s toys. And, the gel is so comfortable and supportive that it’s used in hospital mattresses to cure bed sores. Then I read reviews from parents that said their babies slept amazingly well on the mattresses – like, through the night. That pretty much sold me right there. In fact, when Annie laid on the mattress we got for her brother, she fell asleep on it.

testing brother's mattress
Yeah, we still don’t have a crib, I told you, I’m in denial.

The child who doesn’t nap actually fell asleep when the sun was shining.

These mattresses are an investment, and that was another concern of mine. So the awesome people at Intellibed have offered a discount to my readers: enter TheSpohrsAreMultiplying at checkout for a 10% discount on any Intellibed, not just the crib mattresses. The mattresses also come with interest-free financing options and some even offer a 60-day in-home trial.

I’m looking forward to putting The Acrobat on the mattress and seeing how he sleeps. My kids have never been awesome sleepers, so the Intellibed has its work cut out!