This post and deal are sponsored by BabbaBox. Thanks, BabbaCo!

In June I did a giveaway for a BabbaBox, and the people at BabbaCo were so happy with the response from everyone that they want to offer my readers a free trial box if they sign up for a monthly, back to school pack, or annual membership.  (You’d just have to pay a shipping & handling fee of $2.99 for the trial box). I was sent a video of what’s in the box, and it a) looks REALLY cute, and b) I just love how enthusiastic Jessica Kim, the creator of the BabbaBox, is. It really showed me how much love and thought goes into each box (You can watch the video here).

Annie’s latest BabbaBox came at the perfect time for us. As I’ve been grieving Jackie, I’ve felt like I have been neglecting Annie. We spent hours on the box, and I was just SO grateful that I could spend time with her without having to figure out what special thing we could do.

This month’s theme was “By The Seashore” which was PERFECT for Annie since she’s all about the beach now.

by the seashore

There were a bunch of fun activities in the box, and we did all of them except one – it had to do with stickers, and Annie just cannot handle stickers. She becomes obsessed with them! So I made the executive decision to skip that activity. We started with coloring:


Then we sorted and counted shells, which Annie thought was AMAZING.

sorting shells

Once the shells were sorted, we glued some onto a picture frame. Annie would pick out the shell, then show me where on the frame she wanted me to glue it.

picking out shells


making the frame

When the glue dried, I printed up a photo of Annie at the beach and put it in the frame:

finished shell frame

When Annie saw the finished product she said, “Oh, look at me! I’m a baby at the beach!”

While we waited for the glue to dry, we did the Message in a Bottle activity. I asked Annie who she wanted to write a letter to, and she said her Uncle Kyle. She dictated the letter to me:

dictating to me

her letter

It says, “Dear Uncle Kyle. This is a letter. I love you and Bampa. Love, Annie”

Then she put it in a bottle with some sand and small shells:

putting Uncle Kyle's letter in the bottle

It is SO cute. We will be giving it to Uncle Kyle the next time we see him.

Finally, it was story time. Annie is now a huge fan of Sneakers the Seaside Cat.

reading about sneakers

I really love these boxes – they make it easy for me to feel like a good mom, and Annie and I get to spend time together doing fun, educational stuff! Lots of win there.

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