This post and deal are sponsored by The Honest Co. Thanks, Honest!

Back in February, my love affair with The Honest Co. began. They sent me a batch of cleaning products and it was love at first sniff. Since then, I have bought their hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, hand soap, and bubble bath, plus I’ve replenished my cleaning supplies a few times over. There was one product I was excited to try but had to wait on: their diapers. When Honest sent me the cleaning supplies they also sent a small sample pack of diapers, and I couldn’t get over the cuteness – or the smallness.

baby boy diaper bundle

Diaper adorableness has never been on the list of things I consider when buying nappies, but it certainly doesn’t hurt – assuming, of course, that the diaper meets my other requirements. And really, I only have one major requirement for a diaper: does it work?? I received tons of diaper advice after we discovered I was pregnant with a boy. “Oh, X brand is PERFECT for boys!” “Oh, she said X brand is perfect for boys? Those only worked for my girls. You MUST buy Y brand! They never leak!”

I’ll say one thing about James – the boy really fills diapers to the limit. We discovered this the hard way, with the diapers we got from the hospital. More specifically, Mike found this out the hard way, because Mike was always holding James when one of the diapers leaked. Finally fed up with changing his own clothes as often as he was changing diapers, Mike stuck James in one of the samples The Honest Co. sent (I’d tucked them away, because they felt too cute to actually use…I know, weird), and we haven’t had a leak since. Mike was like, “WE ARE GETTING MORE OF THESE DIAPERS!”

newborn diaper pack

The monthly diapers and wipes bundle comes with all the diapers and wipes you’ll need. I love the wipes – they are thick and really, uh, get off the gunk (and you know what I mean).

But back to the cuteness – I love when James has a little bit of diaper peeking out:

peek a boo skulls

Those skulls say, “I will screw up your sleep patterns!!”

The Honest Co. also sent some sunscreen for Annabel, which couldn’t have come at a better time. The girl has been getting lots of pool time in between lessons and playdates with friends. I’m very neurotic about sunscreen and the Honest brand sun protection is top-notch. It goes on thick and it works – Mike, Annie, and I have used it every day for the last week, and not only are none of us burned (after LOTS of sun exposure), but our skin is in good condition. Annie has sensitive skin and usually after a week in the sun she is covered in bumps from the sunscreen and chlorine, but not this time. And? It’s even safe for babies.


Add sunscreen to the list of things I’ll be regularly buying from The Honest Co!

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