Sleep Cover Are you ready for me to blow your mind? I READ A BOOK. And then I wrote about it. A review! On that review blog I told you about but haven’t done anything on since because I’m a slacker! Yeah!

I gave my opinion about Sleep Is for the Weak. I know you’re wondering who would be crazy enough to let me review their book. Well, I’m sure BlogHer Publishing wouldn’t have picked me, but the Parent Bloggers Network willingly let me read and review this book.

I totally read it, too!!! They don’t have cliff notes for this book. NOT that I would have read the cliff notes.

I think I’m digging myself into a hole. ANYWAY. Go read my review. I promise not to make you read another book review. Well, one more. BUT THAT’S IT. Oh wait. TWO more. BUT SERIOUSLY. That will be the END. Then it’s all fun and games.