In honor of Labor Day, I am giving away fun photo stuff. We all work hard, we deserve a little something special.

Feast your eyes on these bad boys:

These are Animag Photo Stands. They’re awesome magnetic photo holders that are disguised as adorable animals. AND they enhance your photos. See:

That guy is jumping over Bambi on the shores of the San Francisco bay. Impressive.

I know what you’re thinking, though: “Heather, these are clearly very cool, but without an instant camera, these Animags are basically useless!”

Well, it’s your lucky day, friend. I am also giving away this beauty:

Yes, that is a Fuji Instax Wide Format Instant Camera. Yes, it is the camera that my husband STILL HASN’T PICKED UP THE HINT that I want. MIKE. I WANT IT. MIKE. SERIOUSLY.

Um, I digress. This camera is wicked cool. It’s like a Polaroid but not extinct, and the colors are GORGEOUS. Look:

Creativity is not included.

So, do you want this stuff, or should I keep it? FINE Mike says I have to give it away. He is such a killjoy.

To enter, go to Photojojo.com. Next go to their newsletter, or their store, or their forum, whatever floats your boat. Then in your comment tell me what you like the most about their site. It could be a specific post on their newsletter, or an item in their store, I don’t know, I’m not a mind reader. Only one entry per person (emails and IP addresses will be checked). Contest closes on September 8th at midnight Pacific time. Winner will be chosen by Random.Org and will be announced Thursday-ish.

Oh and one other thing – this contest is open to all residents of Earth. Not just Americans! Yay! Unless you’re related to me. Then you cannot enter. THAT MEANS YOU LEAH. Everyone else? Good luck!

These amazing prizes are courtesy of the sassy people at Photojojo. They are the best and everyone should love them and make adorable hipster photo babies with them.