A couple weekends ago I went to the Boom Boom Room gifting suite put on by my fabulous friend Jayneoni Moore. I’ll be sharing a lot of fun stuff I got there, but I absolutely had to start with this item. You guys know that I only do giveaway when stuff is awwwwwwesome, and I think this rules the school.

It’s called the Baby Hip Hugger, and it is GENIUS.


It looks like a fanny pack, right? And it does have some pockets to put your keys, snacks, phone, etc. But the top of the pack is reinforced, so your kiddo can sit on it. You wrap it around your waist, then secure it with Velcro and an additional strap. The weight is evenly distributed and your kid rides on the seat with little strain on the parent. You can look at all the specifics here.


Now, you all know that Miss Annabel weighs almost 25 pounds. She is not an easy one to carry. But with the Baby Hip Hugger, my mom carried her for almost three hours. That is craziness, people! My mom is a puny girl!

Mike and my dad love it:



The Baby Hip Hugger is really going to come in handy when we take Annie to baseball games. Since strollers aren’t allowed inside most stadiums we’ll be able to get her to our seats without any problems.

The best news? I am giving one of these awesome Baby Hip Huggers away! Holler! To enter, go to the Baby Nari/Baby Hip Hugger page on Facebook (right here) and “like” them. Then leave a comment here giving me an example of where you’d use the hip hugger.

Contest ends on Friday at 5pm Pacific time, winner will be announced after that. I received a free Baby Hip Hugger, but these opinions are all my own (and Mike’s, my dad’s, and my mom’s). This thing is too legit to quit, FOR REALS.

Good luck!

Update: The contest is closed! Congrats to comment 119

Yay for Erica!