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This month the theme of Annie’s BabbaBox was getting organized. I joked that it was really “helping Annie understand that Mama is starting to nest.” January is freaking chaos in our house. Christmas toys are everywhere, and to add onto that, Annie gets birthday gifts a month later. I try to be cool about it because I remember the excitement of having all my new toys out everywhere, but a few days after Annie’s birthday (aka now) I start to lose my mind over the mess. Add in pregnancy nesting urges and IT ALL NEEDS TO BE PUT AWAY NOW NOW NOW. All the news toys need new places to be put away, which means organizing EVERYTHING. And that is not the easiest concept for a toddler to grasp.

So what I’m saying is, this box could not have come at a better time. The first craft was creating a box to store Annie’s craft supplies. It came with finger paints to color the box…but I made the executive decision to use crayons instead. Annie + finger paints = disaster. She loves coloring with crayons, though, so she was none the wiser.

I grabbed a sharpie and wrote “Annie’s Art Supplies” on the lid, gave her a bunch of crayons, and let her go to town.

Annie's Art Supplies

decorating her art box

stopping the coloring to chat

She also convinced her Daddy to help her:

ah! Daddy!

She supervised him closely, however.

puzzled by daddy's coloring technique

When she was satisfied, she dumped her crayons in the box.

putting her crayons in her new storage box

Now she walks around with her box saying, “Will you color with me? I have a nice crayon box!” Her interest in coloring has been renewed by 1,000. Luckily, the BabbaBox also came with a super-cute clothesline art display, so we’ll be setting that up very soon.

The book with this month’s box was a Max and Ruby story. Annie LOVES Max and Ruby and likes to point out that they are a “Big sister and a little brother, just like us!” God help The Acrobat if Annie is as bossy as Ruby, though. Annie is very into “reading” to herself now.

reading about Max

“Once upon a time…”

reading about Max

“Max is so funny!”

The best part about this months’ box? When I say, “Annie, it’s time to clean up like Max!” AND SHE DOES! Now I need a BabbaBox that’s all about giving mommy a massage.

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