This post and giveaway are sponsored by Citrus Lane. Thanks Citrus Lane!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a sucker for mail and packages. I imagine most people are the same way, right? Getting the mail every day was such a highlight for me when I was growing up – I was so easy to please. November through January are big around here thanks to birthdays and the holidays, and almost every day the mailman or UPS guy was at our door with a package. I loved opening each one, even though 99% of them were presents for someone else! Now that Annie’s birthday has passed, the package deliveries will be slowing down considerably – sadness. This is why I love the monthly subscription boxes – I know I’m going to get at least one fun package every month.

Last week I came home to not one but two boxes from Citrus Lane. I knew they were sending a box for Annabel, but they surprised me by sending one for The Acrobat, too. So sweet! Citrus Lane boxes come each month filled with products specially picked for your child’s age and stage. The items in the boxes are chosen by Citrus Lane’s advisory board with the hope that they will introduce parents to helpful products and solutions. They do the legwork, we reap the benefits.

I opened the boxes so I could have a look at what was inside of them:

the baby's box
The Acrobat’s box

Annie's box
Annabel’s box

The baby box was so sweet. The laundry detergent is going to come in very handy when I start washing all the tiny blue things! And the toy is adorable and will always be special since it is officially his first one!

Annabel’s box really blew me away, though, because everything in it is PERFECT for her right now. She is very into having her own things, and she is currently obsessed with a Christmas plate and bowl set that she got in December. She demands to eat from it for every meal, which drives me a little crazy because it’s, you know, not Christmas anymore (and I’m a little OCD). But the monkey plate and bowl thrilled her, and I managed to pack away the Christmas stuff! VICTORY!

I also snatched the disinfectant spray out of the box and dropped it in my purse. I use it every time we have to take Annie into a public restroom (which is unfortunately too often, darn her tiny bladder). But since Annie wants to touch evvvvverything, the disinfectant spray makes me feel a lot better about her curious nature during this brutal flu season.

After I pawed through the boxes, I let Annie open both of them.

excited to open the box

I passed my love of packages onto her.

opening the box

She opened her brother’s first, and oohed over his sweet baby things.

her brother's book

“Mama, I will read this to him!”

Then she opened her own box. Everything had to stop so my bookworm could look at her book, and then have me read it to her.

reading her new book

Eventually we got to the Monkey plate and bowl, and she was (as I mentioned above) thrilled with them!

seeing her monkey plates

hugging her monkey plates

Oh don’t worry, she’s just hugging her plate and bowl.

showing off her monkey plates

She’s saying, “Mama I love them!”

Citrus Lane was kind enough to send me these two boxes for free, but I was impressed enough that I’ll be signing up to be a regular customer. Thanks, Citrus Lane!

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I am giving away a Citrus Lane box to one lucky reader. To win, all you have to do is leave a comment below. Contest will end at 9pm PST on January 30th. Winner will be chosen by US Residents only. Good luck!