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I'm telling you, mama, dis is how I do fashion show.

Many months ago I signed Annie up for a subscription clothing site for boys and girls called Wittlebee. I am a huge, huge sucker for clothing deals, and I’m also a sucker for never having to leave my house ever ever. Annie is growing like a weed, so when I heard of Wittlebee I thought, “Well, I’ll try them for a month or two and see if it’s worth the money.” And it has 100% been worth it.

Here’s how it works: every month I get a reminder that it’s time to update Annie’s “style profile.” I log onto the Wittlebee site and select the types of items I know she needs. One month I requested all dresses and skirts, the next I asked for pajamas, stuff like that. A week or two later, a box of clothes arrives on my doorstep and it’s packed with six freaking adorable items (clothes and accessories).

even the boxes are cute

I like that I can pause the subscription whenever I need to, or change Annie’s “style” whenever her current tastes change. Currently she is a Hipster Princess, but a few months ago she was more of a Geeky Diva (you can see sample boxes here). The clothes usually coordinate, so Annie can grab any items and they’ll match (because, as you all know, she does not allow me to dress her). I also like that the box has at least $100 of clothes in it but it only costs me $39, and shipping is free. Holler!

OK enough about that, you want to see Annie modeling the clothes. She was SO INTO the fashion show, I should have taken video. These are some of my favorite items from her last few boxes.

model annie

Normally when she has her hands on her hips, she’s mad at me.


She loves this skirt. “Mama, wook at me twirl!”

strike a pose

I can’t even.

sassy flower child

I want this dress in my size.


These Small Paul monkey pajamas are her most favorite thing ever, and she insists on wearing them at night even though it’s approximately 1,000 degrees.

Wittlebee has generously offered me a box of Wittlebee awesomeness to give away. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below. Contest ends on August 26th at midnight. I’ll pick one winner via Open to US residents only, so sorry!

Wittlebee has also provided my readers with a coupon code good for $15 off first time orders or new subscriptions only – just enter sp15 at checkout.

Good luck everyone!


We have a winner: Brittany!

Congrats, Brittany! And everyone else, the coupon code is still available. Happy shopping!