I finally bit the bullet and bought one of those “protect your phone from every kind of disaster” LifeProof cases. Considering I’ve had a phone broken in the past (#NeverForget), it makes sense to have a good case to protect that expensive thing…especially now that James grabs it any chance he gets! When I was ordering the new case, I might have mentioned to Annie that it would let me bring my phone in the water, so she’s been begging me to take it in the pool with us. I have to admit I was nervous…what if I didn’t put the case on right and it leaked? What if I got a defective case? But everything worked great, and I took some fun pictures and video of Annie swimming underwater yesterday.

If you can’t see the video above click here.

When I film her underwater next time, I’ll either not wear my contact lenses or I’ll get some goggles so I can see what I’m doing under the surface. Still, not too bad for just putting the phone under the water blindly.

Next up, James in the pool!