We’re supposed to pick up our house keys sometime today between 8am and 2pm. I am going to assume that’s still the case because I didn’t hear otherwise – the loan was supposed to fund yesterday and no one told me it didn’t…but then again, no one told me it did. I seriously never ever want to do this again. I will spend all morning sitting with my phone in my lap, waiting for it to laugh. My phone’s ringtone is Annie laughing. Although, most people think it’s her crying…it’s awkward when it rings in serious situations.

We packed a box yesterday! That was pretty exciting. I almost put Annabel and Rigby into their own boxes, because they wouldn’t leave each other alone. Gah. Did you know you can’t reason with dogs or toddlers? So annoying.

Last week I met my parents and Annie at my childhood home. We were there to play a complicated game called “car swap” where everyone leaves in a different car. See, super complicated. I rarely drive “my” car, a VW Beetle, and I realized Annie had never been in it. My dad and I realized her car seat actually fits in the car (when I bought the car six years ago I paid little attention to selling features like “car seat anchors”), so we dropped the top and took her for a little spin around the neighborhood in mommy’s convertible:

I didn’t include the clip where her brain melted out of her ears when she realized she was ASIDE (outside) with the SKA (sky) and BOIDIES (birdies) and DOGGIES (canines). It was too graphic.