As I mentioned on Monday, we took Annie to her first Amusement Park last weekend. The park is all done up for Halloween, and they even have trick or treat stations throughout the kiddie-ride section. I put Annie in a Tinkerbell costume I’d bought (on sale, of COURSE) a few weeks ago.

(As a sidebar, I don’t understand all the stores putting their costumes on sale already, but since I have no impulse control when it comes to Halloween and sales, I love it!)

Anyway, so she was wearing her Tinkerbell costume, and she looked so stinking cute! Even her hair looked perfect in its cute little poofy ponytail.

leading the way

I took approximately a billion photos of her that day, and Mike took about 24ish hours of video (OK, that might be an exaggeration. Slightly.). He put together this little 58-second highlight reel of Annie running around at the park.

I know she’s too little to remember this trip when she’s older, but I hope that when she sees the video she realizes how much fun we had trying to make her happy.