Yesterday Mike, Annabel and I made the trip from Los Angeles up to Northern California, where Mike grew up and his parents still live. I haven’t been up here for quite some time – not since before Maddie died. So it’s bittersweet to be here now and see all the places she used to play.

This weekend is the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk, and we are participating in honor of my friend Jackie!, who was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma (brain tumor) almost two years ago. We went to Jackie!’s walk last year and we are proud to be walking with her again. I walk with her every day in her fight against cancer.

Back to the drive up – it was Annabel’s first big trip, and she handled it like a champ. Much better than I did – I pretty much whined the whole time. I haaaaaaaate long car rides. Especially when the restaurant we stop at to eat has a big menu but SOMEHOW doesn’t have HALF of the menu items available at the beginning of the dinner rush. Annoying!

Annie has been busy taking in her surroundings here at Mike’s parents’ house. Luckily, being on the road didn’t stop her from checking in with everyone.

if you can’t see the video above, click here.

I prefer the real Rigby.