• Tuesday night/Wednesday early morning Mike and I woke to the sound every parent hates: their child throwing up in bed. Mike grabbed Annie and brought her into the kitchen to clean her while I changed the bed’s sheets. Annie then proceeded to throw up all over Mike and the kitchen. Annnnd after we cleaned her up from that, she barfed in the living room. So that was awesome. After her puke trilogy, she immediately started acting like she felt better. Puke and rally! She will thrive in college.
  • Thanks to all of you, we came in fifth in the Living Spaces YouTube contest. That gives us a cool $1,000 in furniture! You all are the BEST! We’ve started family discussions on exactly what furniture we want. I would love a bedroom set, Mike wants family room furniture, Annie wants a trampoline (which they don’t sell at that store, but shhh), and Rigby wants a big floor cushion. We might have to compromise.
  • Speaking of the YouTube contest, Annabel is obsessed with the video. Is there a stronger word than obsessed? Because that’s what Annabel is.

  • if you can’t see the video above, click here

I think she might be one of the vainest toddlers ever.