Many of you said that it could take me ten days to get over my jet lag, using the formula of a day for each hour of time difference. So I should feel like myself any minute now, right? The last two days I’ve slept better. Not great, but better. Still, I’m borderline narcoleptic, so here’s some tidbits for your Friday.

– On my way back from Greece, I had to make two stops in Germany. When I boarded my flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles, I walked down the aisle and saw a man ahead of me with a big camera rig filming some of the passengers. Upon arriving at my window seat in aisle 51, I discovered the subjects of the camera – about thirty little people who were seated all around me. I was delighted until I realized they were all German, so we wouldn’t be able to converse about what was being filmed. Then I realized my flight didn’t have any in-flight entertainment or wifi, so I popped some sleeping pills and zonked out. I rose to semi-consciousness a few times and have a vague memory of seeing a bright light pointing in my direction. So, German readers, if you are watching TV sometime in the future and see a show about a group of little people flying to Los Angeles, I am the drooling red head that they are probably all laughing at.

– Annie has become the friendliest kid in the world. She says hi to everyone she meets, birds, the TV, etc. Yesterday a delivery man came to the door. Annie said, “hi.” The man said nothing. Annie said, louder, “HI.” Still no reaction from the delivery man. Finally Annie yelled, “HIIIII!” The man finally looked at her and said hello back. Annie clapped with pleasure. Girlfriend just wants to be acknowledged!

– Speaking of Annie’s expanding vocabulary, she has started singing along to songs she knows. Here she is with the Yo Gabba Gabba opening credits:

if you can’t see the video above click here.

She needs to work on the words a little bit.