Getting to know a new supermarket is the biggest pain in the butt. Especially when you really only barely understand how markets are organized in general. The other day it took me twenty minutes to find green chiles and sliced olives. I thought they’d be in the canned vegetable section, but noooo. The chiles were in the Mexican Food section, and the olives apparently have their OWN section. How am I supposed to know what has its own section and what doesn’t?! Confusing! When I open my own market, everything will be in alphabetical order.

Annie can count to two. I know, she’s a genius. She goes around pointing at things and going, “One, two.” I have been trying to get her to say three, but no dice. So maybe I’ll have more luck if I try to get her to go, “One, two, check.” Baby DJ!

Annie is also OBSESSED with Rigby’s food and water bowls. If the bowls are on the ground, Annie is putting her hands in there, making a huge mess. It’s so freaking annoying. We end up putting the dishes up on the kitchen counter, and then Rigby stands there all forlorn like, “but sir, I just want to sip some water and nibble on my disgusting prescription food!” I’m not sure what to do to make Annie stop screwing around with Rigby’s dishes. Ugh.

I have a new game I like to play with Annie, and she loves it too:

I’m gonna get you!