I’ve had a stomach ache for the last couple of days that has made eating, breathing, and being upright rather difficult. I’m hoping it’s more nerves than a bug, because I really don’t want Mike and Annie to get the barfs.

I was isolated in my bedroom for most of yesterday, but at one point I missed my family and joined them in the TV room. I walked in and found Annie hand feeding Mike crackers out of a bowl. She would pick one up, put it in Mike’s mouth, and then giggle. It was so cute I thought I was going to die from cuteness overload, or possibly malnourishment. Then Mike said, “You’d find this a whole lot less cute if you had to smell her hand with every bite.” Ah, yes. Mystery toddler hand smell. What on earth do they touch to make them smell that way?

While we were watching TV, a commercial came on for Sesame Street Live and Annie Lost. Her. Mind. It’s nice to see she doesn’t only go crazy when she sees herself on TV.

I was dozing off and on while I was laying on the couch, so at first I thought I was having a very very weird dream. But no. Yo Gabba Gabba, one of Annie’s favorite TV shows, has gone a little kinky.

Everything seems normal...

Everything seemed normal at first. The Gabba gang was playing dress up. And then Muno turned around, and I saw it:

Gabba is getting kinky

Assless chaps. At least Muno has the body for them.