Last weekend we went to the Oxnard Tamale Festival and it was filled with all kinds of fun attractions for kids including a bungee trampoline. If you’ve never seen one of these before, it’s where daredevils put on a harness that’s attached to bungee ropes and bounce off a trampoline high in the sky – as much as 26 feet!

We never thought in a million years that Annie would be interested in this, but once she spotted kids flying in the air she knew what she wanted to do.

“‘Dis, Mama! I do this!”

We tried to tell her she was too little, but then we read the sign and saw you only had to be twenty pounds. Eventually, after Annie pointed out another kid her age in line, we decided to let her give it a go. The wait was twenty long minutes, and as we waited (and waited and waited) we joked that this would likely be all for naught as she’d probably freak out once it was her turn.

But… although she did have a minor freakout, in the end she made us all proud!