Jackie! is in town visiting, so Annie is in high gear. She’s been following Jackie! around everywhere, dancing, counting her toes (she likes nail polish), and generally trying to impress Jackie. Yesterday morning she stood outside Jackie!’s bedroom door and said over and over, “Hi? Hi?” Annie is gonna be saaaaaad when “Nackie” leaves.

Mike got a haircut yesterday and it’s…well, it’s a little TOO close in some parts. Like above his ear.

shaved bald spot

He didn’t realize it until after he got home after his cut. Jackie! and I saw the bald spot immediately and sent him to the bathroom to investigate. He was back there a while, so we assumed he was using his electric clippers to even things out. He rejoined us eventually and said, “how does it look now?” Jackie! and I looked…and then I said, “wait…is that…mascara?” Yeah, it was. He’d taken my mascara and put it over his bald spot. Sigh.

We still have no furniture in our front room. The longer it stands empty, the more paralyzed with indecision I am. We don’t have the funds to fill it anytime soon, but I just keep looking at design and decorating websites and I’m so indecisive! Some people would look at an empty room and get excited at the possibilities. I look and put a ton of pressure on myself to do it right blah blah blah.

Until then, Mike and Annie will continue to use the front room as their soccer pitch.

if you can’t see the video above, click here.

Her cheer at the end cracks me up!