Heather didn’t have the greatest Thanksgiving – a migraine headache kept her laid up in bed from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade through the Lady Gaga Special. It wasn’t a total wash though. She was able to get down a piece of pumpkin pie… it IS Thanksgiving, after all.

That left Annie and me to put away the biggest meal of the year with my parents and sister’s family. Annie made me proud. Here is her official scorecard:

Bread roll – Polished off quickly and with great enthusiasm.

Turkey – Strangely disinterested.

Mashed potatoes – Big fan. Ate even faster than the roll!

Cranberry – Didn’t like to eat, but found it hilarious to feed to her old man.

Creamed Sweet Potatoes – Annie’s favorite food ever, it seemed. She liked it so much some ended up in her hair.

Pumpkin Pie – Looooved. Almost finished off an adult sized slice even after her giant meal!

All in all I would say Annie “won” at Thanksgiving this year. She says as much in this pumpkin pie packed video:

Here’s hoping Heather is able to join Annie in winning next year too. How was your Thanksgiving? (Or Thursday if you’re not Americans?)