We’ve reached the point where the baby gate that creates Annie’s Gated Community is no longer seen as a deterrent, but a challenge. We knew this day would come and we’d hoped we’d be in a more toddler-safe home when it arrived, but alas. As Annie finds new ways to hop the fence (turning her chair upside down, piling books and stuffed animals on top of each other to create a step stool), I find more grey hairs. Luckily I have an excellent colorist.

Mike is going to Northern California to do some stuff with his parents, so Annie, Rigby and I are having an all-party-all-the-time-girls-only weekend. We’re going to get pedicures, try on lots of clothes, and watch the Shark Week kick-off. Annie and I have been looking forward to Shark Week for ages. It’s gonna be shark-tastic!

Also, there will be more daddy-free dance parties like this:

Mike gets back on Tuesday night, and then I leave on Wednesday morning for the BlogHer conference in San Diego. In honor of the conference, I will be spelling my name HeatHer. If you’ll be in San Diego, let me know! I will be running a sub-conference called SunHer, where I lay at the pool all day. Just kidding! Only part of the day.