Not long after James was born I was struck by how different he looked from Annie. The most obvious difference was his eye color – James’ eyes are blue while Annie’s are hazel – but there were other differences, too. James wasn’t anywhere near as chubby a baby as Annie, and his hair was (and still is) much lighter. Because of this I’ve always assumed they would look very different when they grew up, but now I’m not so sure.

Yesterday I went back and looked at some old videos of Annie when she was the age James is now (including the one below), and I was surprised to see just how much she looked like her brother! Yes, she was chubbier and had different colored hair and eyes, but her smile and baby face were very much the same.

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

It’s amazing how looking back can change one’s whole perspective. These two are definitely brother and sister!