I am finally somewhat upright. Well, I’m propped up in a semi-upright position. I was hit HARD by whatever this was, either food poisoning or a stomach virus and I’m only just starting to recover. I’m pretty sure I hallucinated that I was walking on the moon with a helium balloon and Oscar the Grouch. Which is crazy, because a helium balloon wouldn’t float on the moon. Luckily, Mike was able to fill in for me. He could tell teaching stories for years.

One of the things that sucked the most about being sick (besides actually being sick) was that I had to stay away from Annabel. I would NOT wish this illness on ANYONE, but especially not on my little precious babe. Whenever Mike would come into the bedroom to check on me, I would feverishly (literally) demand, “WHAT IS ANNABEL DOING?!” He’d tell me the usual rundown, and then I’d cry, “I’M MISSING HER ENTIRE LIIIIIIIIIFE!”

Fevers don’t make me rational.

After the five hundredth time I asked him about Annie, he said, “don’t worry! I’ve got it covered!” Not long after that, he played this video for me:

if you can’t see the video above, click here.

So, clearly I missed a few important things.

You may be wondering if he filmed this all in one day, or if it was on multiple days. The answer is, I have no idea – in the video, Annie is wearing the same PJs I put her in the night before I got sick.

But he fed her, so who cares if she wore the same thing for four days straight?