This weekend a good stretch of Los Angeles’ infamous 405 freeway will be shut down from Friday night to Monday morning for construction. Our local news media has dubbed this “Carmageddon.” It has the potential to be a total traffic nightmare, but Cal Trans and the news have been warning us for MONTHS this was coming. The closed section of the 405 is the closest freeway to us, so while we aren’t exactly stuck, getting out of our bubble of town would be a bit of a hassle. I’m hoping that everyone will stay away from West Los Angeles so that it’s easy for me to get to the waffle place and the beach. It’s the important things.

What do you think the odds are that a Cal Trans worker will let me take a picture of Annie in her car on the closed freeway?


How cool would that be?

When we sat for my nephews and niece a couple weekends ago, Annabel and Michaela played this game where they tried to make as much noise as possible. They were really good at it. But what cracked me up was whenever Michaela made noise, Annie would start dancing to the rhythm. It was adorable.

They should totally be an act on one of those America’s Got Talent shows.