You know when you have one of those ideas that seems like a good idea at the time? Mike and I had one of those yesterday. Annie was just bouncing-off-the-walls-crazy, so we loaded her into the car for a drive. We needed gas, so we pulled into a station that also happened to have a car wash attached. I mentioned to Mike that I’d never been in a drive-thru car wash before (Mike: You haven’t?! How did you wash your car?! Me: Um, with a hose?), and a good-idea-at-the-time was born.

“Hey Annie! Do you want to go through the car wash?” She looked at us blankly. “Um…it’s a bath for the car!”

“A…car bath? Yeah!” She got a look of understanding on her face.

I texted my mom, “Taking Annie through a drive-thru car wash!” She replied, “Oh, she’ll love it! Get video, I want to see.”

It all started innocently enough…

In case you were wondering, I had to do some serious contortions to get into that back seat.