A year and a half ago we made the ill-fated decision to go through a drive-thru car wash with Annie in the backseat. Ever since then Annie has been petrified of the “car bath,” and whenever we’ve asked her if she wanted to go through another “car bath” she always responded with a fervent “No!” Earlier this week, though, Annie responded with a quiet, “Yes,” then a loud “No!” then another, more certain”Yes.” Clearly, the kid is conflicted on this “car bath” thing. Yesterday, we needed a car wash, so we thought we’d surprise Annie (and James, but to be fair, everything surprises him) by getting a “car bath.”

We went with the element of surprise, and woke her up while we were in line for the car wash. We’re awesome like that.

James sure is lucky that he had his big sister there to show him how to be brave.