Heather and I have already had two babies in our home, but when I think about having another in just a few weeks I can’t help but get a little nervous. This is silly, I know. I’m a veteran of swaddling, diaper changing, and late night feedings. I’ve coaxed burps and supported baby heads as I lifted my girls. But – despite having done all that – the thought of caring for another impossibly small newborn seems like a fresh and nerve-wracking challenge.

Looking at Annie doesn’t help. She’s suddenly so big – tall enough at forty inches, in fact, to go on big kid rides like Radiator Springs Racers at Disneyland – and insists on doing more and more by herself. Is it really possible that she was once a tiny, little newborn baby? Yesterday, to refresh my memory, I started digging through our YouTube videos and found this one of Annie from when she was only six weeks old:

Seeing Annie’s chubby little baby face (and furtive attempts to smile) brought back a lot of memories of what it was like to take care of her in those early days. More than anything, though, it drove home what an amazing journey she’s already gone on in a little more than three years, growing from a tiny baby into my running, jumping, always talking little girl. It’s a journey I can’t wait to witness one more time.