I started sharing videos of Madeline on Fridays as an easy way to put up a post for the weekend. But, as Maddie grew older, Mike and I had a ton of fun putting together little movies where she was the star. I’ve re-shared our favorites over the last ten months. It’s been so hard knowing there are never going to be any new videos of Maddie.

Since we brought Annabel home, I’ve shown her a video of her sister every day. I take comfort in hearing Maddie’s voice and seeing her smile and bright eyes, and I have enjoyed sharing them with Annie. I am thankful every day that I took so many videos of Maddie – she will be more than just still pictures to her sister.

Keeping that in mind, we have taken some short videos of Annie so we can always have these early times with her at our fingertips. We know she’ll want to see them someday. Today I was giving Annie a little massage and the expression on her face was so cute, we had to capture it on video.

Presenting Annie’s film debut!

She is such a little sweetie.