Last fall Jackie came to Los Angeles to attend the wedding of her friend and to see our new home. Heather was excited for Jackie to see the place (we’d only just moved in the month before), so she made a beautiful dinner and cut roses from our yard to put in the guest room. Later, Annie and I kicked a soccer ball around our front room which didn’t yet have a lick of furniture, and Heather shot a little video of it.

Heather and I watched this video again last night, and it was very emotional hearing Jackie’s voice in the background, ever the cheerleader as she rooted on little Annie. Of course, we then wondered why we never turned the camera around and filmed Jackie, or why we didn’t shoot more footage that weekend. I guess it’s because in the moment you are just living and not thinking about the future or posterity. That’s a good thing, I suppose. And at least we have this video to remember that weekend by.