We took Annabel back to the doctor yesterday. Radiologists looked at her x-ray and determined she has pneumonia. Ugh. The treatment is antibiotics, lots of fluids, and rest. As it stands right now, she has another appointment on Tuesday for a check-up and a new chest x-ray. OH and she also has a bit of a rash, so her pneumonia could be viral…which means the antibiotics won’t work. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Our poor little Bel is so hot and miserable. We are doing everything we can to keep her comfortable and cool. Hopefully it won’t be viral and the antibiotics will start working quickly. I hate seeing her so unhappy. Especially since, in typical Annabel fashion, she REFUSES TO SLEEP. She just sits there and moans. It’s heartbreaking.

Since our little TV star has been under the weather for so long, we weren’t able to film her this week. BOOOO. We have shown her all sorts of videos and songs to help keep her happy and calm, and narcissist that she is, videos of herself are her favorite. This one makes her smile and giggle even when she’s feeling the worst.

Fingers crossed the antibiotics work. I miss my mischievous little monkey.